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Travel Violin

wipLstix are very handy travel violins invented and made by me in my shop in the southern Appalachians. The length between its bridge and nut is that of a standard violin, but the body has been minimized to maximize portability. wipLstix is a self contained unit, complete with its 1/8th size bow and inflatable chinrest, all fitting inside a 2" diameter by 24" long watertight traveling tube! The case will also nicely accommodate the chunk of round rosin of your choice.

stix kit.JPG

The Wiplstix kit contains:

1 violin- This very limited batch is quite probably the only violins ever made from the medlar tree. Mespilus Germanica, affectionately called "Queue de chien"  (ass of dog) by the french, is an ancient fruit of the hawthorn family. There is rarely a depiction of abundance in classical paintings that does not include a sprig of this mystical fruit. Thought to have special magical powers like that of Rowan and Hazel. If you were hip in Charlemagne's time you'd have a medlar in your courtyard. The wood is heavy and dense and will probably not project sound well. It will have cosmetic defects that will have been patched. (Hows that for a sales pitch?)

1 watertight plastic PVC case.

Bow is sold separately.

Chinrest sold separately

​​​​​​​Shipping not included

Rosin is not included.

Wiplstix Kit- "Camelot" Wood of Medlar

  • If you not in a hurry you can save me 10.00 Pay pal fees by paying with a personal check. The violin and case  will be 555.00. (Bow and chinrest options sold separately)

    Bill Whipple

    Box 1048 Reynolds Rd

    Union, WV


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