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Funky cider from Backwater, WV

Pierre Geaux is the cidre master at Outcider

Outcider started as 15 varieties of old world cider pears and apples in the form of 8" sticks called "scions" and 100 rootsocks. These were grafted and planted  out in a nursery bed during the spring of 2007. Two years  later it was transplanted and set out on a shale bank at its permanent orchard site in Union, WV the days before the auspicious snow storm of December 2009. The trees are now in their 10th year and are beginning to bear fruit. Of the cider that has been made from these old world varieties of cidre pears like Barland, Thorn, Butt, Normaniche Cidrebirne, Rottguard Frau, and Tayton Squash and the apple varieties named Dabinet, Yarlington mill, Jersey, Harrison, Hewes Crab, Green Hornet, Red Streak it is of exceptional quality. Only time will tell which of these varieties will hold up to the irregularity of our climate and the persistance of our pests and diseases. from those most adapted to a culture of no chemicals will be propagated and these will become the honest flavor of our regional cider grown and adapted to our soil and climate. This is a unique way of establishing a cidery.


Outcider is  overlooking the Wolf Creek Valley in Monroe County, WV and since we are at the end of a road we are a destination. There is nowhere else to go. You can not get our cider anywhere else than our farm. So come on over to the wilder side of cider. Make a day of it and get some uniquely WV cider grown in WV soil without chemicals and with biodynamics.


We look forward to meeting you,

Bill, Monica, and Gabe 

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