Travel Violin

wipLstix are very handy travel violins invented and made by me in my shop in the southern Appalachians. The length between its bridge and nut is that of a standard violin, but the body has been minimized to maximize portability. wipLstix is a self contained unit, complete with its 1/8th size bow and inflatable chinrest, all fitting inside a 2" diameter by 24" long watertight traveling tube! The case will also nicely accommodate the chunk of round rosin of your choice.

stix kit.JPG

The Wiplstix kit contains:

1 violin-Tulip Poplar (Left fiddle in image of 3)

 It is a very light wood and Should have a louder more raucous tone than the other fiddles. Poplar, though a few onces lighter for travel, will have a more fragile constitution.

1 watertight plastic PVC case.

Bow is sold separately.

Chinrest sold separately

​​​​​​​Shipping not included

Rosin is not included.

Wiplstix Kit- "Vulgar" Poplar wood

  • If you not in a hurry you can save me 10.00 Pay pal fees by paying with a personal check. The violin and case  will be 355.00. (Bow and chinrest options sold separately)

    Bill Whipple

    Box 1048 Reynolds Rd

    Union, WV