Wiplstix Travel/ Practice Violin

              The "Infiddel"

WipLstix is a very handy travel violin I invented in 1999. There are now over 800 of them floating around the galaxy, and they are still made solely by me in my shop in the southern Appalachians. The length between its bridge and nut is that of a standard 4/4 violin, but the body has been minimized to maximize portability. WipLstix is a self contained unit, and with a 1/8th size bow and inflatable chinrest, will fit inside a 2" diameter by 24" long watertight traveling tube for any transporter you may use.

Please note:

I have been making the Wiplstix for 20 years now and have been consistantly amazed at the interest and support through these times. I am a one man shop and I have decided to take a break from making them  to pursue my passion for developing a perennial tree based agriculture. I hope to return to production of Wilpstix this coming winter. I you would like to to get on the wait list for ordering one next winter there is no need to order one. Just send me email and check back in with me in November. Thank you for your interest, and please feel to browse the site especially the wiplworld pages.

"Proves you not only think outside the box,

you don't even know where the box is!"


                                            - A. Miller

                                              Wiplstix customer